District Ministerial Examining Board Documents

Men seeking Ordination exams should begin by reviewing the AGBM Ordination Process 2017-2018 as well the AGBM Ordination Process for the Local Church 2017-2018. These files can be downloaded below.
Then complete the AGBM Ordination Application 2017-2018 and send to the Chairman of the Ministerial Examining Board.


Exam Docs
Ordination+Certificate+Fillable+01111.3 KiB126
Pastoral+Ordination+Application634.6 KiB106
Pastoral+Ordination+Process+-+Local+Church684.0 KiB141
Pastoral+Ordination+Process711.0 KiB135
Other Docs
Our Commitment To Common Identity 2015 (ENG V1.0) Letter80.9 KiB474
FGBC Resolutions 2015259.0 KiB413